The photo of the week

 Weaving threads between Brison and Scotland

 Anyone passing by Alex Cunningham in the streets of Brison last week could have been surprised. And not without reason ! A tourist wearing a kilt ? For sure a gentleman from Scotland ! Here in Brison ! Unheard of ! And few would have guessed that the very kilt he was wearing had been hand made by a seamstress living in this very village.

A strange adventure indeed. Chrystel, a seamstress from the city of Lyon, came to live in Brison where she got married to the Canadian story teller Robert Amyot. Indeed, she is herself surprised by this whole adventure as she is telling us : “When I suggested to my husband that I would make a kilt for him to honour his Scottish ancestry, little did I know of how big this would become. I had only planned to make one kilt as an experiment , the kind of thing a seamstress would have fun doing.”

The story goes on in a most unexpected manner...  news of the new kilt maker was quickly released on the Internet and orders started to come from all over the world. Today, kilt wearers are praising the works of art of their lady Chrystel, as they now call her.