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Testimonials from Lady Chrystel's customers

When I got the idea to create my own tartan, came of course the question of who was going to make my kilt? The choice was easy when my friend Odd Henrik Brembo ( ) recommended Chrystel. She has now become the “Court Kilt Maker” for the Norwegian Night tartan. What excited me was all the different ways she folds kilt on, not just the knife pleating. Today I have two kilts in this tartan, one double box and one with military rolled pleating. What fascinates me is how wonderful work she does. The dialogue in the future garment you order, makes you long for the kilt from the moment you have handed over your measurements and until the garment arrives at the post office. It has been made many kilts, vests and skirts in Norwegian Night and in many
That so many people also think it is a beautiful tartan has made me so incredibly proud, and without Chrystel’s talent hardly nobody would ever know about the NN-tartan. Once Chrystel told me that the NN-tartan had fulfilled a dream for her; to use a single tartan to create many different variations of kilter. This adventure has already become bigger than I had hoped for, and you can also spice up you NN-kilt now, because she can provide us with matching neck ties in the NN-tartan too. Thank you for what you have done for me, Chrystel.

Richard W. K.   

Fredrikstad – Norway  


harley davidson tartan
tartan aubigny sur nere*

My desire to own the Harley Davidson tartan led me by chance to the website of a kiltmaker, and a French one ! Lady Chrystel herself.
She was immediately enthralled by the challenge. She then convinced her husband Robert Amyot to take part into the quest. His mastering the English language allowed him to deal with several authorities and this led up to the weaving of my so desired tartan !

Being a regular kilt wearer, it was then also natural for me to order two other kilts namely in the Aubigny-sur-Nère tartan and the Heritage Sequane tartan !

I also had another desire :
I wished to escape from the conventional kilt pleating. So, I ordered my three kilts all in differents pleatings : Box (Aubigny-sur-Nère), Kingussie (Heritage Sequane tartan Franc-Comtois) and Double Box (Harley Davidson).
I then took the decision to travel up to Haute-Savoie to pick up my order.
The welcoming was heartwarming and the whole day was spent in mirth. I am  now jonesing for my fourth kilt. A Military Rolled Kilt in Norwegian Night tartan !
I would like to express my deepest thanks and most sincere admiration for this wonderful work of Lady Chrystel.
I would also like to stress the point that it is particularly enjoyable to be kept
regularly informed of the progress of the making of the ordered garments.  

Sylvain J.
Provins, France

Here are a few photos of the kilt I have ordered from you.
It as traveled through Scotland on the footsteps of its origins.

Best regards

Olivier C.

I was so very keen to have one of her unique garment….

The tailoring is perfect; the fit is also perfect; I am truly delighted with it and I will now be getting my skates on to select the material for my second order from this talented lady.

Thank you Chrystel, and thank you Robert for inspiring me with the photos you have posted of your kilts.

Hamish B.
Storrington, West Sussex, UK

Life Member: The Scottish Tartans Authority
Life Member: The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society  /  Member:The Ardbeg Committee

Dear Chrystel,
I returned from being on travel to find a package on my desk from you.
When I opened it up I was elated !
What totally beautiful jabot and cuffs, just beautiful !
I shall try to remember to send you a image of me all dressed up for opening night at the Metropolitan Opera on 23 September wearing your creations !

Thank you so much !

Harold C.C.
New York, USA


The kilt has arrived this morning... True happiness !

Lightyears away from my first PV kilt from Pakistan, in all regards.
Truely excellent work ; congratulations.
Again I would like to thank you for the delays. I will thus be able to were it next Sunday for my birthday.
I will soon contact you for a jacket to wear with it.
Honneur et fidélité

Daniel T.

Lorraine, France

Dear Chrystel,
Hope your doing fine.
Just wanted to tell you that he items arrived today ...
And I am very Satisfied with the work....
Well done and keep it up always
Best Regards

Donald P.

lady chrystel kilts
Salut, Madame Chrystel,
Le jour du gilet est arrivé. C'est magnifique. Merci bien.

Il incarne tous les traits de personnalité que les Ecossais admirent chez la belle France : bien fait et très élégant. Quand on le porte on rappelle l'Ecosse des montagnes, des lacs et des anciens chateaux, un ancien pays réminescent des nuits pluvieuses avec un verre de scotch dans la main.

Norman ML.
Beannach - Ecosse

Thank you Chrystel for making this fantastic Kilt ; it reflects so many important things for me !


I had the fortune of being able to come and
pick it up at your place and I'll never forget what
I felt putting it on.
You will easily guess how proud I am to wear it,
along with my Blue Bonnet, also made by you.
I am already rejoicing at the thought of
picking up my next kilt order !
Kilties ! Do not hesitate to call on Lady Chrystel
for any of your projects.
They will be in good hands.
Arnaud R.
Annecy – France


Lady Chrystel Kilts

I've finally got a chance to sit down and post that I got the Package with my garments and I am absolutely floored by how excellent they all are.
I'm so very pleased with them.
I am sure you saw that Dana has posted the pictures.
I can't wait to order something from you again.


Jon Y. N. Jr

Ldy Chrystel Kilts

Double box Lady Chrystel

You will never regret ordering a Double Box pleat from
Lady Chrystel.

The workmanship is very fine, easily the equal to my 8 yd hand sewn "made in Scotland" knife pleat.

I wore my Stephen-Mathieson Double Box pleat to a dance last weekend and was amazed at how it moved. One seamstress in the crowd said she couldn't take her eyes off it!

Peter F.
Vancouver, Canada

Double box Lady Chrystel

knife pleat to the sett

People who do first-quality work and who are a pleasure to work with should be recognized. In this day and age of endless lines, postponement, and shopping at gigantic, impersonal, multinational chain stores, the whole experience with you has been a pleasure. The only way it could be made better would be if I could have picked up the kilt at your home.
You can be assured that if I ever get to the French Alps, I will visit, and you can be sure that I will have this kilt strapped on my hips!
I cannot recommend M'Lady's handwork strongly enough. This is a FIRST CLASS, absolutely wonderful job. I am thrilled with it !
The communication process with the Lady was great. Shipping was smooth. Lady Chrystel was flexible with allowing me to pay her in several instalments. Construction is first-rate... I'm delighted !

Alan H
California, USA

I have just received my Tweed Double Box Bunker from Lady Chrystel.
Let me just say it my new favourite thing in the whole world.

I ordered the tweed from KingCraig Fabrics; 22oz. tweed from Brora.
I then had it sent directly to Lady Chrystel who then worked her magic.

If you are thinking about a tweed kilt definitely think about Lady Chrystel.

Brad J.
West Roxbury Massachusetts, USA

Here's my new kilt, a splendid tartan Robertson red,
straight from the artist's hands of our friend Lady Chrystel !

It's absolutely maginficent, of which I am rightly proud.
The Double Box pleat is very pleasant, and
moves in a very
elegant manner.

It wears beautifully.
Nothing compares to it !

        André M.
        Normandy, France

It is my favourite kilt, and my 1st hand sewn. My wife loves the double box pleats and I get the impression that she wouldn't argue if I ever wanted to order another!
  The fit is perfect and amazingly comfortable, much more than my off the rack kilts.

I think I also prefer the one buckle inside, one outside arrangement as well. Everything about this is top-notch, and I will definitely order another in the future.

I also have on a set of hose tops from Lady Chrystel as well and these are delightful. I am also very happy with them.
 I must say, I received a lot of compliments the whole evening!
Thank You Chrystel and Robert !!!

Middle Grove, NY, USA


Off to a perfect start when I set off from the house and a neighbour who regularly
sees me in kilts stopped me to comment that she thought this was a particularly nice kilt.

I can highly recommend Lady Chrystel's craftsmanship, she created an absolutely fabulous
kilt from the Weathered Hunting Cunningham woven by Lochcarron which I shipped to her in France.

Looking forward to seeing you wear her kilts when you come to Scotland.

Alex C.
Borders, Scotland

The kilt arrived on Friday.
I must say, it was beautifully packaged and arrived without a single wrinkle.
I am absolutely blown away with it.
It is a marvelous piece of work and is everything and more that I hoped it would be.
Thank you so much for creating it and being so patient while I pulled together the finances.
It is stunning. Thank you very much again. I am in awe.

John M.
Lancashire, England

Lady Chrystel kilts from France The double box pleating is a joy to wear. It’s light weight, and it still has the swish and swing that so many of us enjoy. Well this is my second kilt from Lady Chrystel, and it won't be my last! Her work is on par with any high-end kilt maker that I have seen or own.
Her stitches are tight and d@mn near invisible. The lines of the kilt are superb, ever when strapped around my ugly body.  The fit is superb!

It has two belts, one inside the waistband on the left and one on the right in the standard manner, similar to the way that Matt does his belts. I like this arrangement a lot. Strapping the kilt on seems to be a little easier and also there is no hole in the waistband to hurt the strength of the construction. It is fully lined.The workmanship is second to none.

I own, or have seen and handled full blown traditionals and box pleated kilts from all the top kiltmakers. Lady Chrystel’s abilities will stand up to any of them. Barb, Wally, Matt, Kathy – watch out, there’s some new competition for the high-end kilt.
Any of you will not go wrong if you order one of Lady Crystel’s masterpieces.

The other thing that I ordered from her was a lace Jabot and Cuff set.
These too, are well made and easy to use.

I am a truly very pleased customer, and I don’t think this kilt will be the last that she makes for me.

Bottom line, if you want a quality kilt, and aren't set on a standard traditional, think about
one of Lady Chrystel's double boxes.
You won't regret it.

James B.
California, USA
Lady Chrystel kilts from France

Thank you very much for this tweed kilt and waistcoat, very expertly made. 

They fit me wonderfully and are very comfortable for strolling in the countryside.
I would recommend them to all
outdoor kilt lovers for
Lady Chrystel's Double Box
Tweed is really exceptional!

And I mean it!

Jérôme L.
 Normandy, France

...what joy it was to unwrap my parcel and find this marvelous piece of art.  

Your craftsmanship is gorgeous, and the finishing touches are exceptional,
as usual, may I say.

(…) my wife is already dreaming of a skirt in the same tartan...


Sigismond M.
Paris, France

Lady Chrystel, thank you for the excellent care of my Blue Bonnet and White Cockade.
These beautiful specimens. I am very happy and I hope to be able to bear them soon.

My daughter Dyonne gave me a pin of the Clan Walllace headed "Pro Libertate".
Still a nice feather of a pheasant and my project is complete.
For my next order I will definitely ask again.
Warm Regards.


Guillaume de M.

     cockade Lady Chrystel


I really like its shape and colour ...
it suits me perfectly     

André M.    
Normandy, France 

This beautiful Jacobite blue bonnet and it's white cockade were made to measure
for my husband a member of Na Fir Dileas by Lady Chrystel.

It is superb workmanship and will be worn with pride at many a commemoration.


Heather Dennis
Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

     cockade Lady Chrystel

...the only thing I needed to complete the outfit was a set of Jabot and cuffs;
these I got from Ancienne Alliance and his lovely wife the Lady Chrystel,
these are absolutely wonderful and
I am so very pleased to have them in my collection.
Thank you both again for the wonderful work;
I will treasure the set.

Toronto, Canada

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