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General Conditions of Sale

The present general conditions of sale define the sales policies between LADY CHRYSTEL and all customers in a system of distance puchasing. Consequently, all orders are subject to these General Conditions of Sale.

14 route de Dampierre
18260 Vailly-sur-Sauldre
telephone ONLY in English : (00 33) 685 29 00 67

These present conditions define the sales policy between LADY CHRYSTEL and the customer from the point of ordering to payment and shipping. These conditions define all the necessary stages, from ordering to the reception of  goods, implicating both parties..  

 1- Estimates and ordering :
You have several options for requesting an estimate and placing an order :
By email in French and/or English  :
By telephone in English : (+33) (0)685 29 00 67
By posting a letter to : 
LADY CHRYSTEL   14 route de Dampierre Vailly-sur-Sauldre    France

2 – Prices :
All prices are in Euros.
According to  article L-123-1-1 of the code of commerce, or according to  article 5-19 of  law N°96-603, 5 July, 1996, relating to the developement of commerce and crafts, the business LADY CHRYSTEL does not need to be registered.
VAT is non-applicable according to  article 293B of the general code of the French Tax Office.
LADY CHRYSTEL has the right to change its prices at any time, but  goods and labor will be priced on the basis of the prices quoted at the time of the actual ordering.

3 - Materials :
In some cases, the materials (fabric, buttons, straps, etc.) will be charged to the customer.
These shall be billed to the client separately from the sent estimate.
Materials can also be puchased by the client and shipped to  LADY CHRYSTEL at the customer's expense.
Nevertheless, in some cases, LADY CHRYSTEL may ask the customer to allow her to choose the necessary materials herself to ensure better quality. 

4 - Commencement of work:
LADY CHRYSTEL will commence work once the following conditions have been met:
Reception of  validated order sheet and payment
The wishes of the customer have been clearly defined

The materials have been duly recieved from the customer (especially the fabric)

5 – Ordering and Payment :
The actual ordering is officialised once  full payment has been received.
No work will be started until payment has been made in full.
Payment in full can be made:   Via Paypal at this address :

Monthly payments :  The customer can make monthly payments with the permission
                                 of LADY CHRYSTEL (Chrystel Amyot)
at no extra charge.

Cancelled orders:An order can be cancelled up to 7 working days after full payment has been received. In this case, the                                         customer will receive a full refund minus shipping costs for the return of materials to the customer. 

If, after sending his or her fabric, the customer is unable to pay for the order in full, the down payment and/or monthly payments will not be refunded by LADY CHRYSTEL.
In the event of a cancelled order, the fabric will be kept by LADY CHRYSTEL until  full payment for the order has been received, or until return shipping  costs have been recieved.
In the case where LADY CHRYSTEL is without news from the customer, the fabric and any other materials will become the property of LADY CHRYSTEL one year and one day after the official order date.  

6 - Shipping :
For our custom made goods, an order will be shipped from 5 to 6 months after the payment has been recieved and the fabric has been received, depending on LADY CHRYSTEL's waiting list. 
If a customer needs a specific item for a certain date, LADY CHRYSTEL can guarantee that it will be shipped on time if the fabric is received by the time specified by LADY CHRYSTEL.  LADY CHRYSTELwill not be responsible for delays caused by the mill, the postal service or shipping agent.
If a specific date has been decided between the customer and LADY CHRYSTEL, any delay (the postmark acting as proof) will entitle the customer to a discount of 0.5% off the order per week of delay, tax not included. 
The total amount of the discount will not exceed 15% of the order.
The goods will be sent to the shipping address provided by the customer when placing his order. 
Shipping fees include packaging and insurance.
In case of a parcel being lost, the invoices for the fabric must be supplied to LADY CHRYSTEL for refund by the French Post,  thus enabling a new order to be placed without extra cost to either party.

7 – Satisfaction or your money back :
The goods proposed by LADY CHRYSTEL are made with the utmost care and as close as possible to the models shown on the website or in sent photos.
We order fabrics from Great Britain's most famous mills. Swatches can be ordered on request and at low cost from most of these mills, like Lochcarron, House of Edgar, Marton Mills, etc.. As we  depend on these mills for our tartans and tweeds, we cannot be held responsible if they are out of stock, or if there is a slight difference in weight or colour, or if they produce a new edition of a specific weave. The same applies to our custom-made items : there may be minor variations to the shown  models.
Customers have up to 7 working days from the day you receive your order (Postmark acting as proof) to send it back with your invoice if you are not satisfied. Incomplete, damaged or soiled items will not be taken back. Shipping fees for returns will be payed for by the customer. We ask you to please take the greatest care with the packaging and the shipping back because the buyer has sole responsability when returning an article.
In case of refund, this will only be done through Paypal within 30 days.
LADY CHRYSTEL declines all responsability in case of incorrect measurements being sent. In this case, all alterations will be
charged to the customer.


8 – The « informatique et liberté » law, number 78-17 of 6 January 1978 :
You have the right to change the personal information that you supply. This information is confidential and will not be transmitted to any third party.
LADY CHRYSTEL has the right to photograph any item coming out of her workshop and to post the photographs on her website. If you do not want this to be done, thank you for letting us know at this address :
Your desire will be respected.

9 - Intellectual Property:
Any reproduction total or partial of the website without specific permission is stricktly forbitten. The images and texts on this website are copyrighted by the author of the intellectual property for all countries.

Lady Chrystel kilts from France

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