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Why is it possible to pay only 50 Euros for a kilt?

   Celtic Culture is going strong! We find Irish pubs all over the world and people love them! The Riverdance  Tour  was a true success with its incredible music and the dancers' bouncing red locks; and if one is no longer considered an alien for liking bagpipe music, many men would really fancy looking like a Braveheart hero by wearing a kilt. A dream only one click away...

Lady Chrystel kilts from France

   On our website, we are selling kilts around €500 … and you could get one for €50 on the Internet. Why is that?

   Well, cheap kilts are interesting because they can give you a little idea of the great feeling one gets wearing a kilt, but they wear out fast - very fast.
   If you want to wear a kilt for
a single party at the pub with loud friends, or to celebrate a football match, no problem!

Lady Chrystel kilts from France Kingussie    But if, on the contrary, you would like to wear your kilt often, either for a walk in the countryside, or for going down town, a cheap one just won't last and will have to be replaced regularly. In the long run, they will turn out to be more expensive than a quality kilt that you can cherish for years. There is nothing new in this  - it is a simple truth that can be applied to most goods.

   Our kilts are more expensive, but they will become like an heirloom because their quality allows them to be passed on from one generation to another. A kilt with a perfect fit... for a life time.

   By paying €50,  a kilt wearer will not be able to trace the origins of his kilt's fabric nor the qualification of the kilt maker involved (if any). Even though some kilts are sold in Edinburgh with a tag indicating "Authentic Scottish Kilt”, some are made of rayon and are highly inflammable!

    Our kilts are made from top quality tartans and tweeds woven by leading British mills such as Marton Mills, Lochcarron, House of Edgar, etc.

   These precious fabrics are certainly expensive, but their quality is unequalled. Indeed, many yards of such exceptional fabrics are required for the making of one kilt.

Lady Chrystel kilts from France

   In conclusion, beyond the material used, the general bearing and style of the kilt, its lush movement and suppleness, are due to the art of the kilt maker. Our pleats are deep and generous, adjusted with care and respect. We are proud to say that our kilts are fine kilts - an investment you will never regret.

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