Scottish outfits for women

When I say women I mean girls like me. As for the Celtic damsels, the beautiful Snow White dress of the Highlands lifted and fixed on the petticoat with a magnificent brooch which immediately transforms you into a redhaired Princess of the Hebrides Islands with her laced bustier and her harp (or war hatchet, your choice...), these dresses already exists everywhere on the internet, and at a low price (if you are not too chubby, mind you...).

No thanks.

I long for everyday tartan outfits. Something beautiful, elegant; a practical garb (with pockets?). Made of easy-care fabrics that don't weigh a dead donkey! I'm not tall, I don't have the looks nor the size of a model. But if I can make stuff and wear it thinking I'm pretty, then I know I can do it for all women.

wrap pants

I discovered this pattern completely by chance after I gave birth to my second daughter, and when my waist had suddenly changed from one day to the next. The knotted strips of fabric are very practical! Women will understand.

What I like about wrap pants is that, depending on the accessories you will wear with them, they can either be suited for casual wear or for a more formal evening wear.

It does look like a long skirt but has the practical side of trousers.

For obvious reasons, I do not recommend it be fashioned in wool tartan. Rather, Marton Mills offers a nice variety of polyester/viscose (PV) tartans and Spoonflower prints a full range of tartan in all kinds of materials.

You can also send me your fabric, as for all the garments I will be happy to make for you .

Unique projects

I like challenges!

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