So you would like to order a kilt?

Or a waistcoat?

Perhaps a dress or any other garment on this website?

Do you want something that is not (yet) on this website
but only in your imagination?

The best thing for a first draft is to write me a note via the contact form here.

In this way, I could give you a brief but complete answer.

Of course, if you wish to speak with me on the phone, we’ll make an appointment at a time convenient to both of us so I can answer your questions taking all the necessary time.

There are days when I just can’t answer the phone; either I’m on an appointment with a customer, cutting and tailoring a complicated wedding dress, or deep in my garden looking after my tomatoes.

This message form system is so much better than having to tell you that “I have little or no time for you right now” or than you falling on a frustrating answering machine.

Once you choose the garment’s style, the colors and how you wish to pay me, everything will then be a simple matter of patience.

    In the meantime, you may come up with some new questions
    and of course I will take all the necessary time to please you with the right answers. Obviously free of charge!

    Please feel free to contact me!