A Dress Guide for Kilt Wearers

Author: Robert Amyot

Everything you always wanted to know about the kilt but never dared to ask.

75 pages in 21 x 15cm format
2nd Edition – September 2018

€20, postage included

These few pages have no claim to reveal the history of the wearing of the kilt from its distant origins, nor to serve as a benchmark for Highland Wear.

Their sole purpose is to shed some light on various current Scottish practices by summarizing them in a few broad outlines.

As an old Scottish friend said: “With us, nobody will stop you from doing what you want, we are too well brought up. But you won’t be able to stop us from finding your outfit ridiculous and having a good laugh either! “

The author

Robert Amyot was born in Canada in 1953 to a father and mother with many Scottish roots, including the Reids (Clan Donnachaidh), Lindsay, Montgomery and MacKinnon.

Robert Amyot learned the rudiments of Highland wear dress code with his father from the early age of six:

“… his explanations were explicit and unequivocal. Here is a guide that I wanted simple and clear.
Like a book of basic culinary recipes, which, once acquired, will allow more daring interpretations.

… At the antipodes of constraint, knowledge gives the possibility of choosing. And being able to choose is the very essence of freedom.”

Photo de Christophe Thuillier

By way of preface, a word from Tom Hye

Dear Robert,
Thank you for the copy of your book ‘Un guide Vestimentaire pour Porteurs de Kilt’
I finally had time to read it carefully. I am impressed by your talent. Can I congratulate you on this book, which I think is excellent. A book to show to everyone who joins a Clan? Thank you for your openness, while at the same time respecting traditions.


Tom Hye
Representative Earl of Erroll/Chief Clan Hay/ Lord High Constable of Scotland
Member Royal Celtic Society/Edinburgh, Scotland
President Clans’ Days.