Scottish kilts from France!

… How does a French seamstress and fashion designer come to the art of kilt making?

I was born in Lyon, France, a city world-famous for its mills and its silks.

I completed my studies in “haute couture” and for years specialized in wedding gowns and other custom made garments.

With the legacy of the Donnachàidh, MacKinnon, Lindsay and Montgomery flowing in the bloodstream of my husband Robert and our two daughters, I must say it seemed only natural for me to have been drawn towards Highland wear, and I began to research the historical origins of the Scottish kilt.

As a professional seamstress, I was quickly enthralled by the different aspects that this research revealed. Today, I specialize in historical pleating of the kilt, such as box pleated kilts, Kingussie kilts,
and offer a range of Period inspired Highland wear.



for women

customer testimonials

I wanted to thank you for the quality of your work.
For a long time, I wanted to own a kilt and thanks to you,
my wish has come true.
I couldn’t dream of a more beautiful wedding
and I wore my kilt with great pride.
Congratulations and thank you.
Slainte Mhath

Lord Levaast of Blackwood – Gard – France
President of the association “Alba Clann Society” – Member of the Guardians of Dalmore
Member of The Ardbeg Committee – Member of the Club des Amis des Classic Malts

Excerpts from the speech of Mrs. Laurence Renier,
Mayor of Aubigny-sur-Nère during the official launch of the Berry Tribute tartan in May 2016:

And then there’s Chrystel, Lady Chrystel, or should I say the fairy Chrystel, always discreet, hiding behind her pygmalion Robert, but what a talent! fingers of gold, fingers of magic, an impressive capacity for work, an attentive mother, a joie de vivre, a creator of immense talent. Chrystel and Robert your installation in Pays Fort is a great blessing! I told you, I want your talent to be highlighted, I have some ideas on the subject…
I wish miles of tartan would drape the buttocks of hundreds of Scotland and Berry lovers.

Jabot et manchettes

Dear Chrystel,
When I returned from my trip, I found a package from you waiting for me on my work table. When I opened it, I was elated.

A marvel of jabot and cuffs. Simply a marvel!
I will try to send you a photo of me wearing your creations at the opening night of the Metropolitan Opera on September 23rd!

Harold C.
New York, USA


I just received my kilt in the mail this morning. When I saw, as already, the packaging was super neat, I told myself that its container must be well worth it! Also, I hastened to put it on.

It is a pure marvel! I’m very happy ! Again, a thousand thanks and congratulations for the finesse of your work and your marvelous talent.

Luc S.


The kilt arrived this Friday. I was struck by the care you took for the packaging; the kilt hadn’t been wrinkled at all from the trip. This is a very beautiful book that embodies everything I hoped for and more.

Finally, thank you for this creation.
It is overwhelming.
I am left speechless.

John M.
Lancashire – England