our stoles and sashes are available in two finishes

Simple fringes

Military fringes

The fly plaid

The Fly plaid consists of a piece of tartan of approximately 1.40m X 1.40m, fringed all around. The edges are either braided or left natural.

The Fly plaid is very often ordered along with the kilt and is of the same tartan. The Fly plaid is worn on the left shoulder of the jacket, held by a brooch.

Its function is purely decorative but brings a touch of distinction to Black Tie outfits (formal evening outfits) and White Tie outfits (formal ceremonial outfits).

Tip: By wedging your Fly plaid in the belt of the kilt, you will give the impression of wearing a feileadh mor. Two kilts in one, in short.

The Day plaid

The Day plaid (also called Shepherd’s plaid or Laird plaid) The Day plaid consists of a rather large piece of tartan or tweed of approximately 3m X 1.40 metres fringed at both ends. The edges are either braided or left natural.

Unlike the Fly plaid, the Day plaid can unformally be worn during the day, both outdoors and indoors. It is as decorative as it is functional and evokes the charm of the Day wear outfits favored until recently by the chieftains of the scottish clans. Long forgotten and out of style, the Day plaid is making a remarquable comeback today, to everyone’s delight. Speaking of which…

Note: Gentlemen beware! This garment is often borrowed in a more or less permanent way by the fairer sex… at your own risks!

Stoles and Sashes

Friends of brisk days and chilly evenings, stoles and sashes are beautiful pieces of tartan or tweed that can be worn with or without a kilt, by anyone, of any gender, in most situations.

A tartan or tweed sash worn on a jacket or sweater in a casual way, besides its comfort, undeniably brings to mind the hills of Scotland with its lochs, castles and clans. On her wedding day, the bride will enjoy a beautiful stole crafted in a tartan matching her husband’s kilt. Stole and sashes can also be adorned with a Celtic type brooch.

Tartan scarves measure approximately 230 x 70cm