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    Chrystel Amyot
    14 route de Dampierre
    18260 Vailly-sur-Sauldre

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    Marton Mills

    They have been by my side for decades. We have created a lot of tartans together and I can always rely on them for emergencies and good advice.


    One of my tartan suppliers that I have been working with for quite some time. Neither Brexit nor my poor English discouraged them from weaving miles of fabric for me.

    House of Edgar

    For many years, they have been supplying me with leather straps, buckles, tartans, etc.

    Saint Kilda

    The latest in the list of my suppliers and I really do not regret working with them in recent years.

    Laurent Granier

    This heraldic artist is one of the best in his category and when a customer wants to convert a family crest into tartan, his knowledge does help me a lot. You can have complete confidence in him!

    Clan Cameron France

    One of the first clans represented in France who trusted me to dress their members. My super webmaster is also one of them. This clan brought me luck when I started in France.

    Tartans & Cie

    Partners and friends dear to my heart! Craftsmen with golden fingers made in France.

    Sian Vaughan-jones

    Pure talent! Do you dream of a personalized brooch? A metal cantle, unique for your sporran? Earrings that reflect the symbolism of your clan? This great lady is a goldsmith.

    Margaret Morrison

    Looking for a sporran made in Scotland, here you will find it. Whatever the price range, the quality will be there. Don’t be fooled by the slowness of the website, not everyone can have Niko Magnus at the helm.

    La Caverne d’Urzhal

    You have a specific idea for a sporran and you want to have it made to measure? This is where it happens!
    And it’s made in France!

    Saor Alba

    I’m not a historian, I’m not specialized in historical reconstruction, I’m just a seamstress who loves history. So when I am asked questions that require correct and pointed answers, I give this link.


    Graphic designer, web designer and photographer.
    In the early days, I made my own website all by myself and the more time passed, the more complicated it became to update it. It’s a full time job and certainly not mine ! I’ve been aware of Niko’s work for quite some time now, and suspected he would be competent and very good counsel.

    Clan MacKinnon

    Since my husband is Clan MacKinnon Society’s Commissioner for France and Europe at Large, I naturally became “Mama MacKinnon” for many. Our dear clan members often drive me crazy but I love this family of mine with all my heart.