Scottish outfits for women

When I say women I mean girls like me. As for the Celtic damsels, the beautiful Snow White dress of the Highlands lifted and fixed on the petticoat with a magnificent brooch which immediately transforms you into a redhaired Princess of the Hebrides Islands with her laced bustier and her harp (or war hatchet, your choice...), these dresses already exists everywhere on the internet, and at a low price (if you are not too chubby, mind you...).

No thanks.

I long for everyday tartan outfits. Something beautiful, elegant; a practical garb (with pockets?). Made of easy-care fabrics that don't weigh a dead donkey! I'm not tall, I don't have the looks nor the size of a model. But if I can make stuff and wear it thinking I'm pretty, then I know I can do it for all women.

Plain tweed jacket

A customer drew me a sketch for this tweed jacket… Please don’t hesitate : do the same!