Nœud papillon en tartan fabriqué par Lady Chrystel

How about a Scottish wedding?

After my studies in “haute couture”, my first appointment was to work in a shop specializing in wedding gowns.

Many years later, I realize that I actually never stopped making wedding dresses. Whether for friends long before my path crossed the tartan world, for my family, for customers or even for myself!

For the groom

When I started making kilts, naturally, my priority was the groom’s outfit.

Indeed many men came to me because they didn’t want to get married in a standard formal suit, and rather wanted an original touch, while still being elegant
They also wanted their outfit to catch the eye like that of their future wife. Wearing the kilt and feeling the inspiration of a Scottish wedding seemed the right thing to do…

For the bride

Little by little, I breathed tartan into the fiancées who trusted me.
It has been a few years now that I’ve been dressing up couples for their wedding, practically from head to toe.

Alas, I do not have many photos of these to show.
Sometimes brides and grooms do not want their photos to be published on a website. That I can understand, or simply they forget to send pictures to the poor wee seamstress.

I don’t blame them in any way. For my comfort, I know what part I’ve humbly played.

Here are some examples of dresses I made.

Alors, si vous prévoyez de vous marier l’année prochaine,
n’hésitez pas à me contacter pour être belles et beaux pour ce grand jour !

Car, après tout, quoi de plus beau qu’un mariage écossais en tartan ?

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Note that a wedding with Lady Chrystel must be planned
at least 9 months before the most beautiful day of your life.